Series 310, DN 5.3 -



Series 310, DN 5.3

  • High flow capacity
  • One-hand operated
  • Low connection force

The Series 310 Soft-Line "softens" the edges of quick connect couplings, making them non-abrasive and less likely to cause damage to surrounding components and surfaces. In addition, the cover also protects couplings from impact, prolonging the service life of the couplings.

Soft-Line couplings 产品编号 连接
Stream-Line connection 1031010836.5 x 10 mm
 1031010848 x 12 mm
Female thread 103101240G 1/4"
 103101241G 3/8"
 1031014461/4" NPT
 1031014473/8" NPT

Soft-Line couplings, Vented Safety 产品编号 连接
Stream-Line connection 1031030806.5 x 10 mm
 1031030828 x 12 mm
Female thread 103103234G 3/8"

Thread connections are listed according to ISO Standards. All measurements are in mm. Check with an authorized CEJN distributor for availability and prices.