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DN6 (Series 467)

  • Non-Drip design
  • Unlimited combination possibilities
  • Different safety levels to avoid mixing media

With unlimited combination possibilities, CEJN Series 467 non-drip modular couplings are adaptable to virtually all applications and system requirements. The Non-Drip design of the Series ensures practically zero spillage and eliminates pollution and air inclusion during connection and disconnection. The Series is available in three configurations: straight through, single shut-off and double shut-off. Series 467 is also available with color-coding and/or key coding for extra safety. Optional seal material upon request.

The Series is also available in four other sizes: Series 267, 567, 667 and 767. Please refer to Series 477 for a stainless steel version. For other sizes in stainless steel, refer to Series 277, 577, 677 and 777.

Technical data
正常通径: 6.0 毫米 (1/4")
水流量(双层截流): 36 升/分钟 (7.9 GPM英制)
水流量(单层截流): 36 升/分钟 (7.9 GPM英制)
水流量(直通): 62 升/分钟 (13.6 GPM英制)
最大工作压力: 20 巴 (290 PSI)
最小爆破压力: 80 巴 (1160 PSI)
温度范围: -15ºC — +100ºC (5ºF — +212ºF)
母接头材质: Nickel-plated brass
公接头材质: Nickel-plated brass
注释: Single shut-off must utilize valved coupling and valveless nipple
Kv(双层截流): 1.08
Cv(单层截流): 1.26

Flow capacity is measured at 4 bar (58 PSI) pressure drop.

Fluid Flow

Pressure drop, bar (PSI)

Flow, l/min. (GPM UK)
Black: Double shut-off, Grey: Single shut-off, Light grey: Straight through
Couplings without valve 产品编号 连接 密封 长度 直径 扳手尺寸
Female thread 104670200G 3/8"NBR452922
 1046704003/8" NPTNBR61.22922

Couplings with valve 产品编号 连接 密封 长度 直径 扳手尺寸
Female thread 104671200G 3/8"NBR452922
 1046714003/8" NPTNBR61.22922

Nipples without valve 产品编号 连接 密封 长度 直径 扳手尺寸
Female thread 104675200G 3/8"NBR522422
 1046754003/8" NPTNBR50.52422

Nipples with valve 产品编号 连接 密封 长度 直径 扳手尺寸
Female thread 104676200G 3/8"NBR522422
 1046764003/8" NPTNBR50.52422

Thread connections are listed according to ISO Standards. All measurements are in mm. Check with an authorized CEJN distributor for availability and prices.