Series 345 -



Series 345

Series 345 is a double shut-off series with both a valved coupling and nipple. The specially designed valve provides an extremely high rate of airflow. This series is well-suited for breathing air diving applications and for applications that demand a closed system when disconnected, such as surface air diving. Like most other CEJN breathing air couplings, Series 345 offers one-hand-operated connection, an integrated safety feature that guards against unintentional disconnection, a grip-friendly locking sleeve, and a broad connection range.

Technical data
正常通径: 6.2 毫米 (1/4")
气流量: 1100 升/分钟 (38.8 CFM)
最大工作压力: 35 巴 (510 PSI)
最小爆破压力: 140 巴 (2030 PSI)
温度范围: -30ºC — +100ºC (-22ºF — +212ºF)
母接头材质: Nickel-plated brass
公接头材质: Nickel-plated brass
密封材料: NBR

Flow capacity is measured at 6 bar (87 PSI) inlet pressure, and pressure drop at 0.5 bar (7 PSI).

Air Flow

Pressure drop bar (PSI)

Flow l/min (CFM)
Couplings 产品编号 连接 长度 直径 扳手尺寸
Hose connection 10345100410.0 mm (3/8")71.524.419
Male thread 103451152R 1/4"64.524.420
 103451154R 3/8"62.524.420
 103451254G 3/8"5824.420
 1034514543/8" NPT61.524.420
Female thread 103451202G 1/4"58.524.420
 103451204G 3/8"61.525.422
 1034514043/8" NPT60.525.420

Nipples with valve 产品编号 连接 长度 直径 扳手尺寸
Male thread 103456152R 1/4"6623.120
 103456154R 3/8"54.523.122
 103456252G 1/4"73.524.321
 103456254G 3/8"6223.120
Female thread 103456202G 1/4"55.723.120
 1034564021/4" NPT55.723.120

Other connections available on request. Thread connections are listed according to ISO Standards. All measurements are in mm. Check with an authorized CEJN distributor for availability and prices.